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Wendem Group's First Residence in Gulin, Luzhou, Sichuan

Date: 2024-03-02

Recently, Wyndham Hotel Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. held a cooperation signing ceremony with Langkun Hotel Co., Ltd. in Gulin County, Luzhou City. The hotel opened in Gulin, Luzhou, Sichuan is the first hotel of Wyndham Group in Southwest China.

The entry of Wendem has injected new vitality into promoting the development of cultural tourism industry and urban construction in Gulin County, driving the local economic development and effectively improving the quality of reception services in the county town. At the same time, this also marks an important step for Gulin in its journey to become an international tourist destination. Next, Wyndham Hotel Group will also engage in in-depth cooperation with key industrial parks in Gulin County.