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Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel is located in the political, economic and cultural center of Dongying City. It is located in the New District of Dongying City, with superior geographical location and quiet and comfortable surrounding environment.
The hotel is a comprehensive hotel affiliated to Shandong Blue Ocean Hotel Group. The overall design integrates modern fashion and traditional art elements, presenting a noble and elegant atmosphere.
The hotel has all kinds of rooms with humanized design, authentic local food, perfect first-class conference facilities, and provides professional and meticulous services. It is your best choice for banquet, accommodation, conference, business and leisure.
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FAQs when booking at Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel
  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is 12:00-14:00 at Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel.

  • Does Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel have a pool or gym?

    Yes, the hotel has a pool and gym. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much is the breakfast at Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel?

    Each costs cny48 for extra breakfast.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Dongying Blue Horizon International Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny493, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • e01512652
    The overall service of the hotel was good. It's just that the check-out is a little slow, which makes many guests wait. But there are summer fruits. The breakfast in the restaurant is good and suitable for everyone's taste.
  • susanbaby
    Blue Ocean Hotel's service is first-class, as always good ha
  • amanda07232
    The food is really good, delicious and affordable, and the environment is also good
  • ng1972ng
    Blue ocean's hotels have good facilities and services. They often stay on business trips
  • doveliu
    I live in the best five-star service ~ ~ when eating a little cold, the waiter immediately send medicine; In the evening, we also send Sydney soup. Free shuttle service. And every waiter has a good attitude. They think that they are laughing from the heart, not perfunctory.
  • cailinsen0343
    It's a very good hotel with good service, clean rooms and delicious breakfast. It's worth recommending
  • Lovppbb
    It's located in the middle of the East and West cities, so the transportation is relatively convenient. Except for the hotel's own restaurant, it's not easy to eat out. Business trip is not bad!
  • FengDongxun
    It has been checked in many times. The hotel has perfect facilities and full five-star service. Breakfast is rich in variety and tastes very good. When eating, the waiter will take the initiative to ask whether to add coffee or the like. The disadvantage of the hotel is that the location is a little biased, so eating and shopping are not very convenient, but the self-supporting catering level is quite good, and the price is also relatively favorable, so it is mainly that shopping is not very convenient. In addition, the pick-up and drop off services provided by the hotel are very convenient and intimate, which is a beautiful scenery. Finally, I would like to thank the airport representative Zhao Huimin again. When he learned about the flight the next morning, he took the initiative to ask if there was a need for wake-up service. In short, the hotel has perfect facilities, thoughtful service, warm and considerate Hotel, and the price is also relatively affordable, which is worth recommending!!!
  • June Stone
    As always
  • lsg909o
    not bad
  • Eternity99
    The hospitality is awesome and the restaurant economy is delicious. The hotels in the blue ocean group are quite powerful.
  • potion
    not bad
  • da_xian
    Blue Ocean International is indeed a very good hotel in Dongying, including complete hardware facilities, assured service quality and very good. Most colleagues who come here on business will choose blue ocean.
  • fang_pang
    Overall, it's a pretty good hotel. The location is a little remote. If you don't want to eat in the hotel, there is no place to eat around. Other aspects were quite good, especially the service was very good, and the fruit was provided free of charge.
  • summonren
    It's just that the position is a little off, there's nothing around, everything else is very good
  • morning
    This is very nice hotel and well organized in the front dest service. The breakfast has very good variety.
  • jessicawyw
    The service of the concierge department was very good. Yang Bing was very considerate.
  • e00967551
    It's an old place. You have to go on business
  • morning1019
    It was an unpleasant stay. When I passed by, I asked the staff to change the sheets. After sleeping in the middle of the night, I felt itchy and felt like fleas. The attitude of the service staff was very good. I changed the room. When I checked out the next day, I specially said hello. I hope the bedding and utensils can be made according to the five-star standard. As a chain group, I really don't dare to live in the blue ocean next time.
  • listen2me1978
    Good place
  • lunarferry
    The cost performance is not very good, but every aspect is up to standard. It's a good hotel for people who want reliable quality.
  • laiyanxi
    Both the environment and the service were very comfortable, especially after the buffet was changed to credit card consumption, the problem of dinner that had bothered me for a long time was completely solved. Thank you very much!
  • anita19840601
    Nice hotel. Internal hotel opened by Shengli Oilfield
  • amymoss
    The waiters were very friendly and recommended the free spa experience of the hotel. They will check in next time.
  • icool8
    The hygiene is very good, the room is very large, and the fruit tray is delivered. It is worth mentioning that the breakfast is very good
  • langmui
    Blue ocean's service is really good. It's definitely the first choice for business trips
  • dfafd
    The airport transfer service is good
  • ramblegung
    It's good. It's really good
  • comestai
    very nice
  • Daniel-Li
    A few years, as long as it is to travel to China, live in blue ocean, accommodation, catering are good, overall, very good! The welcoming staff's kind smile, warm and sincere greetings and polite behavior made me feel at home. I like the environment here.
  • Orlando
    Not bad. Book for my colleagues.
  • angela8830
    very good
  • glorye
    It's very nice. It's clean and comfortable. The hotel service staff are warm and the food is delicious. After breakfast to check out, before leaving there are fruit, pear juice, has been escorted to the door of the hotel.
  • bbangola
    Good, very good.
  • lijingying00
    The most satisfied is that there is a shuttle service. But this time there was a little incident. I sent the customer away, but I called to inform me that I couldn't find the customer. I was so anxious. Hotel facilities should be pretty good. After all, lanhaike is the most famous hotel in Dongying. It's very close to the bus terminal. It would be better if the service of the bus station to meet customers was added. I hope the delivery time can be advanced. But I remember when I ordered a hotel, I said 55 yuan back. Why did I only get 8 yuan back in the end?
  • dls7291
    It's a great hotel.
  • cooleu
    The location is not far from the expressway and business trip. It is quite convenient, the service level is very good, and the floor drain is not unobstructed. Immediately send someone to solve it. The room is clean and comfortable, and the dishes in the Chinese restaurant are good. It would be better if the gym could be opened from the morning. Has checked in many times and will check in again next time.
  • annytine
    Very good. The buffet is good. The service was very friendly
  • Apple_ Apple
    The room is clean and the check-in and check-out procedures are very fast. Very satisfied with a stay! Cost effective, will check in again.
  • benjamin2012
    The hardware conditions are very good. I didn't expect that the software service is also very good. It's worth recommending. When you come back, please live again.
  • Gn1018
    Always living in the blue ocean, always so excellent
  • bjlly1
    Five star level enjoyment, excellent service, breakfast is very high-grade, only the swimming pool receives people outside the hotel, so there are a lot of people in a mess, the feeling is a little poor.
  • e05065607
    It's a very good hotel. The bed is very big and comfortable. The breakfast is very good and the service is very considerate. It's very considerate every time. Also free pick-up, every business trip must stay in the hotel!
  • davideliane
    not bad
  • Taito
    very good
  • elinaxww
    Yes, as always! The buffet in the hotel is also good
  • cjyyt
    Very good. I'll come back later
    Breakfast is good and buffet is good
  • lplxx
    very nice! It's not Tuo. Next time I go to Dongying, I'll go here
  • cocofu168
    Very good, foreign friends are very satisfied
  • xcxc9999
    Generally speaking, the hotel is cost-effective. It's just not in the center of the city, so it's convenient to drive in. The taste and variety of the hotel's Shandong restaurant have improved a little, but it's not too delicious.
  • E02293275
    The service was considerate, the room was clean and tidy, the waiter also kindly left a note to inform the service content, very satisfied with a check-in!
  • wanfeng22
  • regelle
    As always.
  • momo_carmen
    It's a good morning. It's close to the expressway, but it's too far away from the city. It's not very convenient.
  • aganone
    Very good
  • annie20090417
    The bathroom is very big and the quality of disposable products is very good. The free fruit is fresh. The waiter surnamed Liu on the 7th floor was very attentive. On the first day of check-in, he saw the child with him and immediately sent a small toy. The next day, he saw that the child liked the toy very much and gave us another set. A few yuan of toys brought us a pleasant mood that is difficult to measure with money.
  • airae
    The service was warm and considerate
  • tiffany2007
    Good, the facilities are OK
  • april163
    Comfortable, quiet, sweet, good breakfast.
  • bjxxl
    The best hotel in Dongying. However, there are several areas that need to be improved: 1. When checking out, the queuing method of payment checkout should be improved: consider setting up a queuing gate, and everyone will line up to wait for the reception of the counter checkout personnel. For example, there are several service counters but only one waiting queue when checking in and boarding at the airport. 2. Remember that the wake-up service is not in place. 3. Pay attention to maintaining the characteristics of warm service.
  • figoside
    As always, it's good. The location is convenient. It's an old customer. I'll come back next time.
  • bangsir
    Every time you stay in blue ocean, it is an expectation and a habit. Because the smiling service here, the meticulous consideration here, the handwritten paper sign and the mouse pad give you a feeling of 'habit becomes nature' and a feeling of going home.
  • li5020395
    The room is very big. It's really nice, but the conference building is a little far away from breakfast. Generally speaking, I'm satisfied
  • aileentung
    The hotel is good, the facilities are OK, but the decoration is a little old, the service is very good. Dinner at Zhongding tower in the evening.
  • brilliantxixi
    It's very troublesome to have a meal in a hotel without direct room charge
  • Eamon
    The room is very clean and the layout is also very warm. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The waiter is very friendly and will check in next time.
  • tianyi101
    Nice as usual. Little gifts for kids are great.
  • sjs06011
    Good facilities. Breakfast varieties decreased, but still enough for the domestic average. Service etiquette is better than other hotels.
  • winniebetter
    just so so
  • lan_merry
    It's a very good hotel with convenient transportation, quiet in the middle of trouble, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it's very cost-effective. The waiter was very friendly and the breakfast was very good. I have already praised him. Thank you
  • e00143862
  • fengyuan_0624
    The service was not generally good, very enthusiastic and conscientious.
  • carlotte
  • cc824
    Standard 5 stars, standard good.